Terms & Conditions

Short Courses – Open Course Bookings


Payment must be made prior to the date of the course.


A full refund will be given if a booking is cancelled not later than 15 working days prior to the course start date or if TfC cancels a course.


Stated course lengths include a.m. and p.m. break (15 min) and lunch break (30 min). Courses involving practical exercises may finish earlier than scheduled if participant numbers are low (although the syllabus will have been fully covered).


Courses will be held at one of two venues:

      1. Training for Care, 12-14 Logie Green Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4EZ
      2. The Carlton Bridge Centre, 36B Warriston Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 5NE

Venue details will be stated on the booking confirmation.


Due to Covid-19 we are not currently serving refreshments or lunches for any of our open courses. Our venue is very close to some lovely cafes or you can bring a packed lunch.

Lost Certificates

The fee for reissuing lost certificates is £5.00 per certificate for all TfC certificates, and £15.00 for reissue of REHIS certificates. (Alternatively for REHIS certificates: contact TfC for REHIS certificate number [no charge] and apply directly to REHIS; this will save you approximately £10!).

Short Courses – Group Bookings

Trainer Travel and Accommodation Expenses

By Car

  • Journeys are calculated from central Edinburgh.
  • 20 miles or less : no charge
  • 20+ – 120 miles : miles over 20 – 40 p.p.m.
  • Time over 1 hour – £18 p.h.
  • 120+ miles: negotiable
  • All mileage/time charges calculated by TfC using RAC Route Planner, plus 5%. N.B. An additional 1 hour is charged for courses in Glasgow starting before 10:00a.m. to allow for rush hour traffic. 

2. By Public Transport

  • Fare minus first £8. Time: £18 per hour for hours 2 – 4; negotiable rate for additional hours.

3. Overnight Accommodation

  • Negotiable.
Catering (for courses at Training for Care)

Due to Covid-19 we are not currently serving any refreshments or lunches. Our venue is very close to some lovely cafes or you can bring a packed lunch.

Course Accommodation

1. Where courses cannot be accommodated at a TfC venue or the course purchaser’s venue, room hire will be charged at cost.

2. It is the course purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that course accommodation on their premises (or on premises arranged by them) is adequate for the group size and type of training requested. Training for Care will make every effort to work with the course purchaser to ensure that requirements are communicated clearly and agreed, and will be as flexibile as is compatible with delivering the training effectively. However, should the accommodation not permit effective training, the trainer will not deliver the course (and will provide the specific reasons in writing why it has not been possible) and Training for Care will charge the course purchaser the fee agreed for the course.

Health and Safety

Where the trainer considers that there is risk of harm to themselves or to the course participants, for reasons of behaviour or environment, they will terminate the course immediately and provide a written explaination for consideration by the course purchaser and Training for Care. Under such circumstances, the fee for the course will be a matter for discussion between the purchaser and Training for Care.

Cancellation Charges
  • 15 days or more in advance: no charge.
  • 14 – 8 days in advance: entire course – 50% of fee estimate at time of booking confirmation
  • 7 days or less in advance: entire course – 100% of fee estimate at time of booking confirmation

Any places booked as part of the group booking and not taken up will be charged on the same terms as (2) and (3) above. All cancellations made 14 or less days in advance of the booking must be confirmed in writing within one week of the initial notification.


Organisations will be invoiced at the end of the month in which the course took place.

Lost Certificates

The fee for reissuing lost certificates is £5.00 per certificate for all TfC certificates, and £15.00 for reissue of REHIS certificates. (Alternatively for REHIS certificates: contact TfC for REHIS certificate number [no charge] and apply directly to REHIS; this will save you approximately £10!).

Vocational Training

Candidate Selection

Selection procedures focus on the abilities, commitment and employment position of the candidate and on the commitment and capability of the candidate’s employer to support the qualification process

Training for Care will:
      • Provide all training and assessment inputs as detailed on the specific course publicity and programme of study, including selected learning materials and award stationery (electronic/paper)
      • Appoint internal verifiers and peripatetic assessors who meet Awarding Body requirements.
      • Implement quality assurance systems to meet awarding body requirements.
    • Ensure efficient administration of the scheme, including registration and certification of candidates, through the centre contact (appointed by TfC) who will handle all documentation and liaise with the awarding body on behalf of participating agencies.
The candidate’s employer will:
    • Agree to work within TfC’s equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory policies.
      • Comply with all relevant, current health and safety legislation.
    • Provide a nominated, appropriately qualified workplace mentor to ensure that the candidate is fully engaged in the requirements of a work based qualification and to act as the key contact for liaison and support with TfC’s peripatetic assessor.
Specifically, the mentor will ensure that the candidate:
      • Attends induction;
    • Applicable to taught programmes only: attends tutorials at TfC as set out in the course programme of study;
    • Is given access to the work and assessment opportunities necessary for the completion of the award and is adequately prepared for assessment through having received the necessary workplace experience and knowledge;
    • Is available for assessment by the TfC assessor within work rotas at the times arranged with the assessor; this will cover direct observation and feedback inputs plus any other assessment activities specified in the course programme;
    • Is provided with the necessary support by the mentor to follow the assessment process, including planning and feedback, and to meet agreed targets set by the assessor ;
    • Is provided with the support of an appropriately qualified member of staff for the provision of witness evidence; this may also be the mentor; and,
    • Only if agreed prior to start of course, has pc/internet access at work for use of the e-portfolio.
    • Provide access to the site and the candidate for TfC’s internal verifier and the awarding body external verifier in accordance with the requirements of the scheme except in exceptional circumstances where this would clearly conflict with the best interests of clients.
    • Pay the agreed course fee (where applicable) set out on the publicity. N.B. Where travel is not included in the fee, expenses will be invoiced at the end of the programme at £15 per visit by allocated assessor for distances of up to 30 miles, £20 per visit 31-60 miles, £30 per visit 61-90 miles, £40 per visit 91-120 miles. Expenses for journeys over 120 miles to be agreed. All journeys will be calculated from either TfC’s head office or from the assessor’s home base, whichever is the less.

Note: All the above are requirements of being an approved SVQ Assessment Site with TfC. Where it appears that the above conditions are not being met, TfC will initiate discussions with the assessment site manager and, in the event of an unsatisfactory outcome, reserves the right to withdraw assessment site status.

The candidate will be required to:
    • Complete induction and sign all necessary documentation.
    • Applicable to taught programmes only: attend a minimum of 80% of the tutorials and support sessions set out in the programme of study. (Employers will be sent a non -attendance record sheet if the candidate is absent).
      • Adhere to the terms contained in the Candidate Assessor Agreement which the candidate will agree with the assessor at the start of the assessment process. This includes agreement to use e-portfolio.
    • Meet the achievement and progress targets scheduled at the start of the course and set out in the Training Agreement. (Employers will be sent a progress report, giving reasons, whenever a candidate fails to meet a course target).
Failure to meet targets will be dealt with as follows:
    • The first time a candidate falls behind schedule, the TfC assessor has the authority to amend requirements subject to the award candidate being back on schedule at the end of the next target period.
    • If the candidate continues to fall behind schedule, the matter will be referred to departmental management where three options will be considered.
    • Withdrawal of the candidate’s place on the course. This would be applied where the candidate lacks the ability to achieve the qualification. Charge for additional assessment costs. This option would be offered where the candidate has the ability to achieve the qualification, but lack of commitment on their or their employer’s part mean that they have fallen behind schedule to the extent that TfC workforce plans have to be amended to incorporate new assessment time.
      • Charge for additional assessment and travel time: £40 per hour (plus travel expenses). Where employers choose not to exercise this option, option i. above would apply.
    • Temporary suspension of training or deferment to a future course. Offered where all the ingredients are in place for achievement of the qualification but the candidate is temporarily prevented from doing so for reasons outwith their or their workplace’s control (subject to TfC being kept informed).
General Assessment Principles
    • Assessment arrangement are made on the understanding that the best interests of clients will be protected at all times
    • Client confidentiality will be maintained in all SVQ recording undertaken by either the candidate or the assessor and safe storage of documents (paper/electronic) will be arranged
    • Only the following will have access to the candidate’s portfolio: candidate, assessor, internal verifier, external verifier. Access by others will not be granted without the specific permission of the candidate.
      • All evidence must relate to the candidate’s knowledge and performance, and, therefore, must be authentic.
    • In the case of unresolved disputes, the Appeal Procedure issued at induction will be followed