Part-Time Fee Grant Funding

The part-time fee grant (PTFG) is funded through the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). Our qualifications and maximum grant amounts are listed below.

  Max. Grant*
Social Services Children and Young People SCQF Level 7 £934
Social Services Children and Young People SCQF Level 9 £1014
Social Services and Healthcare SCQF Level 7 £844
Social Services and Healthcare SCQF Level 9 £894
Management SCQF Level 9 £873

* based on unit choice


To be eligible for the part-time fee grant you must

  • have an individual income of £25,000 a year or less, including overtime
  • fulfil the SAAS residency criteria
  • be studying at SCQF levels 7 – 10 and doing 30-119 SCQF credits in each year of your course
  • not be receiving support from another government training scheme such as Employability Fund, Modern Apprenticeship, ITA (please note if you have received ITA funding within the last year you should contact SAAS as you may still be eligible for partial PTFG)

How to Apply

Please do not apply for funding until you have been interviewed and accepted on to your course.

Following your successful interview, we will send you an email with information you will need to complete the funding application.

When you have recieved this information, go to the SAAS website: 

Register for an account and complete the online part-time fee grant application process

When you have recieved confirmation of an award notice/rejection from SAAS, please let us know the outcome as soon as possible to avoid any delays in starting your award.