SQA External Verification Reports

Childcare External Verification Visit from SQA – June 2021

The childcare department passed their visit from the external verifier who graded us with High Confidence, and we achieved Greens in the 10 outcomes sampled.

Some general feedback received:

The assessors and internal verifiers are well qualified practitioners. They are knowledgeable and experienced and most have regular contact with the sector through work or volunteering. They also hold the relevant qualifications for assessing and verifying and CPD records are robust. The centre has developed a clear CPD format that helps the assessor and verifiers with appropriate reflections on how the CPD affects the appropriate roles.

Feedback received from the external verifier’s discussions with assessors and verifiers:

I spoke with assessors and verifiers. All have had a positive experience this year, despite the difficulties that have been created by working from home and not being able to see candidates in their placements. We discussed the changes that have taken place and how supported they felt by the centre and rest of the team. Time to develop resources and discussing the approach they would take to virtual assessment meant that the team was ready when lockdown two came in January 2021. The team feel nurtured and supported to do their jobs by the head of department.