A Route to Recruiting Staff

Would your organisation be interested in offering a work placement to a trainee?

Our Skills Development Scotland (SDS) funded Employability programmes are designed to introduce trainees to what is involved in carrying out a care support worker or childcare practitioner job.

Participants are given first aid and moving and handling training during their 2 week induction and following induction they attend weekly tutorials at Training for Care to develop their knowledge and understanding of care theory and practice.

Not only is this an excellent way for participants to be introduced to the world of care work, it is also an opportunity for your organisation to recruit employees on the basis of your experience working with them. Many of the organisations we work with find this is a valuable way of recruiting staff at support worker/nursery assistant level.

Once employed, eligible trainees can progress on to one of our SDS funded Modern Apprenticeship SVQ programmes.

Find out more about the programmes in the Employability section or contact us to discuss further.

Is your organisation looking to recruit a Modern Apprentice?

If you are looking to recruit a Modern Apprentice Training for Care can help you by advertising through SDS’s Modern Apprenticeship vacancies website.

Our Head of Childcare, Helen, says Modern Apprentices on our programmes “have a natural aptitude for working with children and are keen to learn more about child development and improve their knowledge and skills. They really benefit from learning and working at the same time, which a Modern Apprenticeship enables them to do. It’s great to see them sharing ideas with others in the group, and taking what they have learned back into the workplace.”

Please contact us if you would like to know more about Modern Apprenticeships or recruitment.